Still waiting for the humans to arrive.

Two weeks.

Do u have a gf?

 great features? damn right i do

Summers over where's RTPL.

My day was great thanks for asking, how was yours?

IT IS INTERESTING. And I think that's a very young way of thinking like when you're in the car and you think the moon is chasing you. Being a kid is great.

I hope I never lose that spark.

Damn, your attractive

Have you ever thought that maybe the world does actually revolve around you? Like everything in the world happens solely for you. Everything. Every country was invented for you, every human, all food, etc. was made just to entertain you and someone is just watching you react to everything in this world. Highly unlikely but very interesting to think about. 

What's your snapchat can I add u?


: oldfishinghat

The Summer Was Great.
what's your favorite brand. cann be a top five if you want. please don't say neh

i don’t think i have one specific favorite brand. A lot of my clothes are scarce ebay finds so it ranges. 

Was the kings of summer good. I really wanna watch it.

It was cool. a bit predictable but nevertheless interesting. I watched it twice. 

how much did you get on your SATs if you don't mind me asking? and how much is considered low. I'm not american and I took the damn test and I wanna know if my score is average or real low

like a 1560 haha very poor. I got kicked out the second time around.

How did dusk got you to UCF

Highly doubt that was the primary reasoning for me getting accepted. I had fairly good grades and a couple dual enrollment classes so I’m sure that helped. My SAT score wasn’t up to par with them. My portfolio had music, my directing, and designs I’ve done so I really showed my diversity maybe that contributed idk.

really trying to refrain from putting anything that’s not from us on this blog.

I’m trying.