Why do you divert questions asked to you and go about speaking on another topic?

I’ve never gotten drunk before.



ft. my hairy ass legs

THE HUMANSageofexcellence took this one of me
advice on long distance relationships?

Don’t have one

Do another mixtape for the fans

That’s definitely the wrong motive. My next project is definitely for myself, as was the first one.

(Ps very fucking close like before the year ends I promise sorry for long wait luv u guyz xoxo)

You releasing more music?

You ever painted a room before? Very enduring work. That’ll grow some chin hairs for ya.


barbie girl 
Dusk is a song that means a lot to me cause it got yo boy in his feels but when there ain't too many songs I can relate to as much as Lone Electric Club. That song helped me through some shit just cause I knew I wasn't the only one with those feelings

There’s a reason why in LEC I say “Dusk was just a story, this means a lot more to me” because that shit was very real. Writing that song helped me express what ya boy was feeling at the time. Ultimately it didn’t help shit cause I still moped over this girl for the proceeding 8 months. Glad you connected with it though. Glad I could help, honestly.

You are extremely attractive, and it's not just your looks it's the way you carry yourself, you're so humble and you look like your fun to be around ❤️

Now that I’m not in high school anymore the school year seems to drag on. I wanted all this free time and now that I have it I don’t know how to manage it. I was so bored, in fact, that I began painting my room yesterday. I just finished about two hours ago. No reason at all except to pass the time. Graduation life is weird.

I’ve been inhaling paint fumes for about 7 hours now. I’m not thinking too straight so I thought it would be a good time to answer questions. Ask me sumn.

What is your worst fear?

Alligators, throwing up, and dying before I accomplish everything I want to do in life.

But mostly alligators.

what's you favorite movie/tv show/documentary/or all three lol

Favorite movie is the goonies and favorite doc is the bones brigade