Me and the homie running the t like


Cruisin video Friday!

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hello it's me and welcome to jungle are two of my favorite songs as well. great choices. :)

man Hello It’s Me got me through so much when i first heard it. Well, didn’t even get me through the problem, only made matters worse but it was the perfect song. And Welcome to the Jungle reminds me of my childhood.

top 5 fav songs ? ☺️

Power // kanye
Hello it’s me // Todd rundgren
17 // youth lagoon
Welcome the jungle // guns n roses
Vandalism // me lol

Advice to the girl asking if tomboys get play; hell yeah they do lol. It's a bit harder especially if all your friends are guys, they may not want to jeopardize that but a lot of guys find girls who don't mind doing boy stuff attractive. My boyfriend seems cool with it ^.^ Don't listen to your friends, you'll have your time 😊

What she said ma

Elizabeth I, The Phoenix Portrait (detail), Nicholas Hilliard, 1575